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Easy Ways to Adjust Brightness iPhone (iOS 8.1)

 Easy Ways to Adjust Brightness iPhone (iOS 8.1) Tips

iPhone Tips | You usually disturbed by the brightness of the screen while reading the iPhone, if you are using iOS 8.1 then we will give you a few tips to adjust the brightness of the screen on your iPhone.

There are simple tips to organize brightness for users of iOS 8.1 that is by pressing the home button 3x you can change the brightness of the screen.

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You can change the setting in the settings menu accessibility by making the home button mengjadi screen brightness settings
With little to change the settings in the Accessibility settings, you can
Follow these steps
Step 1: Settings> General> Accessibility> Zoom> Zoom Enable.
Step 2: Tap 3x iPhone screen with 3 fingers to display the menu.
Step 3: Choose Filter Tap, and select the Low Light.
Step 4: Go to Settings General> Accessibility> Accessibility Shortcut> Set to "Zoom".
Step 5 Press the home button three times to change the display brightness

Fairly easy to adjust the brightness of the screen
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