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How to Download iOS 8 Beta?

How to Download iOS 8 Beta?

iOS Tips | In the course of the launch of iOS Operating System 8, Apple released a beta version. It serves to test the quality and guarantee no bugs. How do I try iOS 8 Beta? follow these steps

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged
  • Skip to iOS Development Center web page and download the beta version of iOS 8 accordingly.
  • Once completed open the .dmg file and locate the .ipsw file in it. files
  • Connect your device with a Mac to run iTunes.
  • Click the iPhone in iTunes to display the status of your device. Backup iPhone in iTunes if you have not done it before.
  • Press the Option key (right-click) to update your operating system via iTunes. Better to choose the option "Update" in iTunes "Restore." A new window will appear asking you to choose the .ipsw file of iOS 8 beta, then run the download process.

You will see iOS OS version 8 Beta
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