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How to Register Gmail on Android Tablets

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How to Register Gmail on Android Tablets | This basic tutorial used for tablet users. If we buy Android Tablet then you will see how the registration of Gmail. Tablet Tip this time will explain how the list of Android Tablet, follow these steps
How to Register Gmail on Android Tablets
  1. The first step, the Touch icon Gmail for If you have not installed the Gmail application, if not already installed go on google play store
  2. Click on the New button
  3. Enter the First Name and Last Name you in the fields provided. > Following the on-screen keyboard
  4. Select a User Name. > Tap Done button on the keyboard
  5. Screenshot Checking availability email address.
  6. Making a password. used to log in on Gmail.
  7. The next step is filling out forms Recovery Information.
  8. Please touch button Not Now.
  9. Please check the list of all of her and then just touch the bu
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